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CEWE Photo Award 2019

We are thrilled to have received such a wealth of amazing photographs across all ten categories for the CEWE Photo Award 2019. The competition is now closed, however for more information about the contest such as monthly winners or our charitable partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, read more below.

Christie Goodwin for Platform

Meet the UK’s Representative on the CEWE Photo Award Jury: Celebrity Photographer Christie Goodwin

Christie Goodwin is a British photographer who has enjoyed an illustrious career spanning over thirty-five years, having first picked up a camera at the age of twelve. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art Photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and started her career off as a fashion photographer.

The final category winners and overall winner of the contest will be announced on 26th September at a gala award ceremony in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have Christie representing the UK on this year’s jury for the CEWE Photo Award. We sat down with her recently ahead of the judging panel for our photo contest to find out more about her life and career.

The CEWE Photo Award 2019

Over €250,000 of Prizes to Be Won

The CEWE Photo Award 2019 is free to enter, and open to anyone over 18, whether you’re a keen amateur photographer ready to show your work in your first major photo competition or an already established professional. With ten unique categories to enter, there’s nowhere better to share your work with the world.

Your photos will be judged by a panel of recognized industry experts, journalists and professional photographers. Their focus above all will be on the quality of the photograph, and how well the photo fits the chosen category in the photo contest.

First Prize – The first prize winner will enjoy a holiday of their choice worth €15,000, €7,500 of photography equipment and €2,500 of CEWE products, as well as an award presented to them personally at a special awards ceremony in Germany.

Second to Tenth Place – Second to Tenth place winners will each receive €5,000 of photography equipment and €2,500 of CEWE products.

Eleventh to Thirtieth Place – Eleventh to Thirtieth place will receive €2,500 of photography equipment and €1,000 of CEWE vouchers.

The CEWE Photo Award is the perfect place for photographers to show off their masterpieces. There’s over €250,000 in prizes up for grabs, including a €15,000 once-in-a-lifetime trip of your choice, as well as thousands in photography equipment and more! We’ve got ten unique categories for you to get inspired by, so whether mother nature is your muse, or you’re a keen sports photographer, there’s something for everyone with a passion for getting behind the lens.

What’s more, this year we’re working closely with SOS Children’s Villages, who support disadvantaged children across the world. CEWE will be making a donation for every entry into our photo competition.

The Ten Categories Are…

CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Landscapes Category Image


CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition People Category Image


CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Nature Category Image


CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Animals Category Image


CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Sports Category Image


CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Architecture and Infrastructure Category Image

Architecture & Infrastructure

CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Food Category Image


CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Travel and Culture Category Image

Travel & Culture

CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Hobbies and Leisure Category Image

Hobby & Leisure

CEWE Photo Award - Photography Competition Humour Category Image


Hide-and-Seek with a Ground Squirrel - Winning Photo in CEWE's 2019 Photo Competition

Winner of 2019’s “CEWE Photo Award” Photo Competition

Overall Winner & Animals Category Winner

German photographer Ina Schieferdecker came out on top in our photo competition with this truly unique image of a squirrel. This is what the judges had to say about her photo:

“This image is the perfect combination of everything a good photo needs: an original idea, design and technique, even with a dab of humour thrown in. A real winner with symmetry, pastel colours and excellent technique. Artistically, Ina’s work utilises the beauty of symmetry: the stem of the flower divides both the whole image and the figure of the squirrel positioned behind it vertically into two identical sections. The focal point of the image is definitely the blue flower which hides the squirrel’s nose. Besides adding a touch of “visual humour” to the scene, this gives the image a formal gravity despite its snapshot character. As is so often the case with strong photography, this is due to the balanced proportions and the restriction to just a few extremely expressive pictorial elements which form the harmonious whole. The pale yellow background, blurred and without identifiable shapes forms an ideal backdrop against which the squirrel’s thin whiskers stand out clearly and sharply. The photographer has placed perfect focus on the squirrel’s eyes and the fur on its front. Ms Schieferdecker has achieved this consummate harmony of idea, strategy, design and technique which is the hallmark of truly outstanding photography.”

UK 2017 Photo Contest Winner - Steaming Up by Alan Humphries

UK Winner

Although the CEWE Photo Award is a global photo contest, we always like to give special recognition to entrants into our photo competition from the UK. We’ll be choosing monthly UK photo competition winners and handing out some exclusive prizes for UK photographers that enter the CEWE Photo Award.

In 2017, 11 entries from British photographers were awarded prizes by our jury, the highest of which was the phenomenal ‘Steaming Up’ by Alan Humphries.

CEWE Photo Award 2019 Monthly Winners So Far

In addition to the amazing grand prizes for the top entries at the end of the photo competition in May 2019, we’re also going to be awarding €100 CEWE Vouchers to the top three entries each month.

Here are all thirty-nine monthly winners from the competition:

May 2019

River Bridge in Thailand

“River Bridge Crossing” by Thomas Sweetman


Black and White photo of an elderly woman in Scotland

“Three Generations” by Graeme Youngson


Colourful place in Maribor, Slovenia

“Colorful” by Mojca Cvirn

(Architecture and Infrastructure)

April 2019

Italian man tending to his shop

“Starožitnictví ” by Jana Kupčáková


Gymnast in black and white

“Turnster en lichtjes” by Eric Tkindt


A mayfly swimming on the surface of a pond

“Beauty of an Insect…” by Kopp Matthias


March 2019

ballerina covered in chalk black and white

“Ballerina” by Axel Brand


drone shot of a boat on a lake

“Boat Trip at Lago Braies” by Maksym Gogolyev

(Hobby and Leisure)

Pink Skate Park

“Great Curves” by Erard Swannet


February 2019

Rough sea 12

“Rough sea 12” by Giovanni Allievi


Nursing break, grizzly bear with cub

“Nursing break, grizzly bear with cub” by Knud Fuusgaard



“Seven” by Roman Jaroš


January 2019

Winning Sports Photograph in CEWE photo Award

“Une harmonie” by Laura Moutinho


Picture of Otter CEWE Photo Award Photography Contest

“Erfolgreich” by Thomas Hinsche


Snowy Landscape January Winner Photo Contest

“Streets of Lava” by Anders Brakestad

(Architecture and Infrastructure)

December 2018

Sikh Boy Travel Photo

“Sikh boy” by Jose Pablo Gomez Carpintero

(Travel and Culture)

Nature photo competition monthly winner

“Ozeane” by Doris Wahler


Travel photo winner

“Blue city” by Jurica Galić

(Travel and Culture)

November 2018

CEWE Photo Award 2019 November 2018 Photography Contest Monthly Winner

“Arctic Fox” by Arnfinn Johansen


Architecture Shot Photo Competition

“Suživot” by Ljiljana Vesković

(Architecture and Infrastructure)

Monthly Photo Contest Winner

“Magical morning” by Grzegorz Zimny


October 2018

CEWE Photo Award Monthly Winner October

“Čtenář” by Mia Feres


Sport Photography Contest Winner

“Power of Padang Padang” by Jasmine Persson


Travel Photography Contest Winner October 2018

“Serce sLOVEnii” by Piotr Skrzypiec

(Travel and Culture)

September 2018

Childhood Memory winning entry September 2018 Photography Contest

“Childhood Memory” by Carla Beaujardová


CEWE Photo Award 2019 Monthly Winner for September 2018

“Simplicity” by Ágnes Mezősi

(Architecture and Infrastructure)

Landscapes winner monthly 2018 september

“One Tree” by Imi Koetz


August 2018

Fallen Nature August 2018 Winner in CEWE Photo Award

“Fallen Nature” by Radoslaw Zubrycki


CEWE Photo Award Monthly Winner August 2018

“The pool, revisited” by Anders Andersson

(Hobby and Leisure)

Winning Architecture Shot

“Regenbogenhäuser in Houten” by Kai Diederichs

(Architecture and Infrastructure)

July 2018

“Angler” by Viorel Munteanu Entry into our photography contest

“Angler” by Viorel Munteanu

(Hobby & Leisure)

“Znajdź mnie…” by Tomasz Kurda

“Znajdź mnie…” by Tomasz Kurda


“Boots Everywhere” by Miroslav Černý

“Boots Everywhere” by Miroslav Černý

(Architecture & Infrastructure)

June 2018

“High Five” by Heidi Spiegler Two Tigers High Fiving

“High Five” by Heidi Spiegler


“Tree” by Pavla Bat’ková Atmospheric Landscape Photo

“Tree” by Pavla Bat’ková


“Afterwork au Japon” by Trung Tin Nguyen People Photography

“Afterwork au Japon” by Trung Tin Nguyen


May 2018

“Light and Rhythm” by Leyla Emektar May Winner in Photo Contest

“Light and Rhythm” by Leyla Emektar

(Hobby & Leisure)

“Happy Life” by Lars Lykke Seal Animal Photography

“Happy life” by Lars Lykke


“On the Top” Radomir Jakubowski

“On the Top” Radomir Jakubowski


Charity Photo Contest Teaser

Every Entry into our photo competition will help a good cause

This year, we’re proud to be working in close association with SOS Children’s Villages International. For every photo entered into our photo competition we’re going to be donating ten Euro cents to their amazing cause. SOS Children’s Villages is an independent global charity that works to improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged children across the globe.

As a non-governmental and non-denominational body, their work is reliant on donations and support from sponsors. CEWE has been in partnership with them since 2013.

To learn more about SOS Children’s Villages and the invaluable work they do, you can visit their website.

Wildlife Photography Competition

Calling All Wildlife Photographers

The diverse range of categories in our photo contest means that no matter what feeds your passion for getting behind the lens, we’ve got something for you. This year two of our most popular categories are dedicated to the beauty of our natural world; Nature and Animals. So if you’ve got some amazing examples of your very own wildlife photography, why not enter them into our competition?

Photo: “Bathing Elephants” by “Nikon Man”, entered into the “Animals” category of the CEWE Photo Award 2019

It’s easy to enter…

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Head on over to the contest page and create an account.

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Upload your photo(s)

Hand-pick your very best photographs to be uploaded.

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And you’re done!

Don’t forget, you can enter up to 100 photos into the CEWE Photo Award.


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