Video Tutorials

If you need some guidance whilst making your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, our video tutorials are here to help. Created by our expert team, they cover a range of topics, from designing your first ever book, to customising its pages with clip art, and much more besides. Bringing your photographs to life in a beautiful book can be simple and straightforward when you follow our tips.

Let us provide a helping hand as you create your photo book using our Creator Software, and together we’ll make a book you can be proud of!

How to Make a Photo Book

Learn how to make your own photo book. Browse the videos below to find the advice you need to create your book. Simply select a video and press play for our top tips.

How to make a photobook

Struggling to create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK? In this tutorial video we show you how to make a photo book step by step, so that you can design something truly special.

Changing Size, Paper or Cover Type

With our photobook maker, you’re never stuck with the size or paper type you chose at the start! In this tutorial video we show you exactly how to change the fundamental parts of your book design so that it’s perfect.

How to Add Backgrounds to Your Book

Why not make your custom photo book extra special by adding a background to each page? In this tutorial video we show you how to either use one of the backgrounds we provide with the software, or even use one of your favourite photos.

How to Download Additional Features

Can’t find the clip art or background you need in our Creator Software? In this tutorial video we show you how to download additional media if you are unable to find it in the original selection, so that you can make the perfect photo book.