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Frequently Asked Questions: Products

Which type of CEWE PHOTOBOOK should I choose?

Hardcover or softcover? Portrait, landscape or square? There are plenty of decisions to make when creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, including, size, cover and paper type. A lot of these are down to your own personal preference, but we’ve put together a handy video to go through all the different options available to you to help make those decisions a little easier.

When will I receive my CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

We know how exciting it is to order a photo book, which is why we do our very best to keep delivery times to a minimum so that you’ll receive your creation as soon as possible. Photo book delivery times range from 3 to 10 days, depending on the size of your book. Plus, if you choose to add highlights to your photo book, this will take an additional 2-3 working days.

How do I create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

We think the best (and easiest!) way to create your photo book is by downloading our free Design Software. You can easily import your photos from your device or social media accounts, plus you’ll be able to choose from our huge range of backgrounds, templates and clip art to make your photo book your own. If you need a helping hand creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we’ve got a host of useful tutorial videos that will walk you through the whole process, as well as a 24/7 UK-based Customer Support team to answer your queries.

How long will my book with Highlights take to be delivered?

This brand new feature has been in very high demand, and as a result we are experiencing a small increase in delivery times. For a book with Highlights, we recommend allowing a few extra days on top of the standard delivery time. If you have a query about how long delivery might take, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For more information on delivery times, click here.

Can I add Highlights when designing it online?

Unfortunately not. You can add Highlights to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK when designing it with our free Creator Software, but not when using the Online Photo Book Builder or app.

Why can't I change the clip art size?

This is for quality reasons. The finish does not cling well enough to thin lines, and it runs and dries unevenly with surfaces that are too large, which can cause damage to the highlighted area. We have specified maximum and minimum sizes for each highlighted object to ensure it always looks spot on.

How do I find clip art and frames with Highlights?

You can find the categories “Gold”, “Silver” and “Gloss Highlights” under Themes, Clip Art and Frames. Any clip art and frames with the diamond symbol can be highlighted.

How do I find Highlights in the Software?

If Highlights are enabled, the element will have a “shimmering” look when the element is selected or shortly after adding the Highlight.

How much will delivery of my Photo Book cost?

If your order comes to more than £30, delivery will be absolutely free! Just enter the code FREEPOST at the checkout to redeem the discount. Otherwise, our photo books range from £4.25 to £6.25 for delivery, depending on size.

Do you offer presentation boxes?

We do offer presentation boxes with certain photo books when ordering through our software.
You can add a presentation box to all Large Portrait, Large Landscape, XL or XXL Hardcover CEWE PHOTOBOOK. We do not offer these with XXL linen or faux leather CEWE PHOTOBOOK.
You will be given the option to add this at the checkout if it is available and it cannot be added retrospectively.

What is the difference between Photo Enlargements and Posters?

Photo Enlargements:

Photo enlargement brings your best memories to life once again and with maximum colour brilliance, excellent exposure quality and long-term UV stability you can guarantee your photos will get the professional finishing touch they deserve. The paper we print on Fuji Crystal Archive glossy paper and the sizes we can print to are 20x30cm, 30x45cm, 40x60cm and 50x75cm.


Our wide range of sizes and different aspect ratios means that photo posters are suitable for printing anything from family portraits to local landscapes; great as a constant reminder in your room of those special memories. Our photo posters are printed with a premium semi-gloss finish on 240g/m² paper producing brilliant colour brightness to really bring your picture to life.

What are the sizes of your t-shirts?

Our T-Shirt sizes range from Small to XXL. Please see below for size details:

Size: S – Chest (to fit): 36″
Size: M – Chest (to fit): 38″
Size: L – Chest (to fit): 40″
Size: XL – Chest (to fit): 42″
Size: XXL – Chest (to fit): 44″

Do you offer matte prints?

Currently we only offer traditional photo prints in a glossy finish, however we do have a range of digitally printed prints including matte finishes. Please find more information in our prints category here >

Do you produce analogue film?

Unfortunately we do not produce analogue film as we work only with digital images.

Are the mugs dishwasher proof?

Sadly the mugs can only be washed by hand as they are not dishwasher proof.

Can I get a sample of the paper?

You can. We offer free paper sample packs, please follow this link to order your sample pack here.

I need to order a large amount of prints, should I use the website or software?

We advise if ordering over 80 images to use our creator software as the images will upload faster and you will avoid your connection timing out and dropping the order before it is completed.

I want to change the paper type, how do I do this?

You might find it useful to view our video tutorial on How to Change the Size, Paper or Cover Type of Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK here >

Alternatively read below for a step by step guide:

When you have software open in front of you with the project open, on the right hand side above the “add to basket” button there will be a dark grey button with the breakdown of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Select this and a pop up will appear, this will give you the option to change things like the cover type, paper type and the page number. Select the drop down on the paper type and select the new paper you wish to change to.

In this section you will be able to change the page number, and cover type too.

How do I create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

You might find it useful to view our video tutorial on How to Make a CEWE PHOTOBOOK here >

Alternatively, please read below for a step by step guide:

To get started creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK you would firstly need to download the software by clicking on the download button on our website. (If the download does not start then please check the top of the screen as it may have been blocked by your pop up blocker).

Once the software download is complete you can then click the shortcut icon on your desktop and the software will open.

Please choose the type of CEWE PHOTOBOOK that you wish to create and you can now start the creation process.

The first thing that will load is the photo assistant. When using the software for the first time we would advise that you select the “Create without assistant”option, as this allows you to get used to the software.

Your images appear on the left hand side of the screen and you can drag them across to the page and drop it into the templates.

To delete any image or template you can right click and select delete. To change your text on the cover please click on the text box and it will then become active so you can delete and redo your text. The text functions can be found in the text section of the tool bar in the top of the screen. Here you can also make changes to your font size and colour etc.

The software allows you to customize your layout so you can use our layouts that are found in the layout tab on the left hand side of the screen. We offer many types of layout and you will see there is a drop down menu to select how many images per page you would like and you can then scroll up and down to select your desired layout. When you have found the layout that you wish to use then you can drag it across to the page then switch back to the images tab to start adding your images.

If you wish to have just an image to fill the whole page you can select this as a background to ensure that it is sized to fit. To select an image as a background you need to right click on the image before dragging to the page and select the image as background option.

You can select the image to appear as a background on the left, right or both pages.

Finally the templates available are a guide only, it is possible to click on a template and adjust it if you wish. When a template is active it will show a yellow line all around it and red boxes in each corner. You can adjust the size of your template by dragging from the corners with a left click of the mouse.

We hope that this information helps but should you have any further queries please feel free to contact us as we will be more than happy to help you.

How do I create a collage on a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Simply hold the control key on your keyboard, highlight the images you’d like to create a collage with, then while still holding the control key, right click for options and select the collage option.

Can I remove the text box from the spine of my CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

You cannot remove the text box from the spine however if you leave this box blank then nothing will print on the spine. As a double measure you can click on the preview button located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and the preview will show you exactly how this will print.

My CEWE PHOTOBOOK has arrived and there is a spelling mistake in it, what can I do?

When we print your CEWE PHOTOBOOK for you we use an automated print system so we print the data exactly as we receive it. The data we receive for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK is stored as a ‘read only’ file which means we can view your CEWE PHOTOBOOK but we cannot make any changes to it ourselves. If we reprinted your order the same spelling mistake would still be there.

If you are not happy with your CEWE PHOTOBOOK then you can return it to us under our guarantee. Once we have received your order back we can then issue you with a voucher so you can make any necessary changes and then re-order your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Why is there a black mark on my image in my printed CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

Black marks are caused by a problem with the red eye correction tool. There is an intermittent problem in the software which can occasionally cause the red eye to try and correct an image in the wrong place causing a black mark. This is something that we are currently working on for our next software version. Please send us an image of the error and your order number via email and a member of our customer service team will be able to send you a voucher code and instructions on how to reorder.

Why is the edge of my canvas not on the print?

When you order a canvas there is a 3cm wrapping area where the canvas is wrapped around the frame. If your image is on the part that is wrapped around the frame, unfortunately it can’t be corrected during the ordering process as we use an automated print system so your data is printed exactly as we receive it.

If you order via our software then there is a greyed out area visible when ordering, which shows the wrapping area. If any of your image is on this grey section then it will be wrapped around the frame.

Why is my order darker than my screen/alternative print out?

Images may appear lighter on screen as most modern monitors have a backlight; a backlight is a form of illumination used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). As LCDs do not produce light themselves (unlike Cathode ray tube (CRT) displays), they need illumination (ambient light or a special light source) to produce a visible image. Backlights illuminate the LCD from the side or back of the display panel, unlike front lights, which are placed in front of the LCD. Backlights are used in small displays to increase readability in low light conditions, and in computer displays and LCD televisions to produce light in a manner similar to a CRT display, which is why your images may appear darker when they are printed.

There is a white border around the pages of my CEWE PHOTOBOOK and my images do not fill the pages.

You might find it useful to view our video tutorial on how to add backgrounds to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK here >

Alternatively, please read below for a step by step guide:

If you wish to have an image fill the whole page you should select this as a background to ensure that it is sized to fit. To select an image as a background you need to right click on the image before dragging to the page and select the image as background option.

You can select the image to appear as a background on the left, right or both pages.

Can I get a discount for quantity orders?

We offer volume discounts on most products, for example you can save up to 15% when ordering 5 or more CEWE PHOTOBOOK. For more details on volume discounts please take a look at the product pages for the items you are interested in.

What paper do you use for photo prints?

We use high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This paper is tailored perfectly for digital images and guarantees excellent results every time. If you have further questions on this topic, please Contact Us.

Why are my pictures not exactly 6x4 inches?

Traditional analogue film has an aspect ratio of 2:3 which produces 6×4″ images. Your digital camera saves your images with an aspect ratio of 3:4. This means the image is saved at a size that may not fit exactly into standard print formats e.g. 6×4″ and 7×5″.

If you choose ‘Variable Length’ your digital images will be printed in the aspect ratio you photographed them at. This ensures that you receive your full images without them being cropped or given a white border. If you order 6×4″ ‘Variable Length’ prints your photographs may vary slightly in size as we print and cut each image to fit the aspect ratio of your image perfectly. If you wish to have an exact print size then please order via our website, or if you’re using the desktop software, select ‘Classic Size’ from the top menu bar within the print ordering screen. If you have further questions on this topic, please Contact Us.