How do I create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

You might find it useful to view our video tutorial on How to Make a CEWE PHOTOBOOK here >

Alternatively, please read below for a step by step guide:

To get started creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK you would firstly need to download the software by clicking on the download button on our website. (If the download does not start then please check the top of the screen as it may have been blocked by your pop up blocker).

Once the software download is complete you can then click the shortcut icon on your desktop and the software will open.

Please choose the type of CEWE PHOTOBOOK that you wish to create and you can now start the creation process.

The first thing that will load is the photo assistant. When using the software for the first time we would advise that you select the “Create without assistant”option, as this allows you to get used to the software.

Your images appear on the left hand side of the screen and you can drag them across to the page and drop it into the templates.

To delete any image or template you can right click and select delete. To change your text on the cover please click on the text box and it will then become active so you can delete and redo your text. The text functions can be found in the text section of the tool bar in the top of the screen. Here you can also make changes to your font size and colour etc.

The software allows you to customize your layout so you can use our layouts that are found in the layout tab on the left hand side of the screen. We offer many types of layout and you will see there is a drop down menu to select how many images per page you would like and you can then scroll up and down to select your desired layout. When you have found the layout that you wish to use then you can drag it across to the page then switch back to the images tab to start adding your images.

If you wish to have just an image to fill the whole page you can select this as a background to ensure that it is sized to fit. To select an image as a background you need to right click on the image before dragging to the page and select the image as background option.

You can select the image to appear as a background on the left, right or both pages.

Finally the templates available are a guide only, it is possible to click on a template and adjust it if you wish. When a template is active it will show a yellow line all around it and red boxes in each corner. You can adjust the size of your template by dragging from the corners with a left click of the mouse.

We hope that this information helps but should you have any further queries please feel free to contact us as we will be more than happy to help you.