What is the best resolution to send my images at?

The resolution of your photos should be based on 300 ppi (pixels per inch) in relation to the printing size in your layout. If your photos have a resolution of more than 300 ppi in relation to the printing size, the CEWE Photoworld creator software will automatically down-size to 300 ppi.

If you change the size of your image in the layout, or if you only use an image section or if you zoom, the resolution will be adjusted accordingly.

An important tool to check the resolution of your images based on their size is the smiley in your CEWE Photoworld creator software. It can be found in the top menu bar and will be red, yellow or green. If you click on the image and the smiley is green, the resolution is high enough to ensure that you are not decreasing the quality when your product is printed or exposed. This is still the case if the resolution is less than 300ppi in relation to print size. The threshold varies depending on printing method and printing material. If the smiley is yellow, the resolution is still ok, but not optimal. If the smiley is red, we strongly recommend downsizing your image, so the image quality will reach the yellow or green standard.