Can I change my screen settings to match your printers?

The colour space of your screen is larger than the colour space of printers. The possibility to print exactly what you see on your screen is therefore limited. In addition improper settings and technically inadequate screens can lead to colour deviation.

The ambient light also influences the colour perception. So differences between your screen display and the printed colour is normal to a certain degree.

If you adjust your screen settings as followed you will get the best results:

  • Colour Temperature: 6500 Kelvin
  • Gamma: 2,2
  • Illumination: approx. 120-160 cd/m² (also dependent of ambient light). 160cd/m² correspond to an illumination level of 500lx.

If you have a measurement device (spectral photometer) and the respective monitor calibration software, you can also follow the instructions in your software. If you don’t have those tools available (this is the case for most customers), we recommend using the contrast and brightness settings in the following document:

Please open the image from the link above in any photo editing software or your CEWE Photoworld software and maximize the screen. Your monitor allows you to change the settings of the colour temperature, contrast and brightness. Those settings are independent of your computer.

  • Adjust the colour temperature to 6000 – 6500 Kelvin
  • Maximize your contrast
  • Now decrease the brightness until the dark Q (left side of the image) is barely visible. Also the light Q (right side of the image) should barely be visible.