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What colour space do you use?

A colour space is a set of colours that can be displayed by an image giving media. Depending on your software settings and the hardware that you are using colour spaces can vary.

The colours used by most digital cameras are adjusted to the sRGB colour space, because this is the colour space that has established itself as the worldwide standard for screen display.

To meet the requirements of as many customers as possible, we base our automatic workflow on sRGB colours that are then converted to the outputting systems with the help of ICC profiles. For digital printing processes we convert the sRGB colours to the CMYK colour space shortly before printing.

All CEWE PHOTOWORLD software versions 4.6.1 or newer allow for embedded RGB-ICC Profiles. Images in AdobeRGB, ECI-RGB or ProPhotoRGB colour space will be interpreted correctly in these software versions.

If you send us your images in any other colour space, we suggest you take the following steps to ensure the optimal colour results: Convert your images to sRGB (e.g. in Adobe Photoshop go to “Edit” and then “Convert to Profile”). Afterwards please integrate your images into the layout of your CEWE Photoworld product.

Colours can vary even if a professional colour management is in place, because differences between the monitor colour space which is a luminous media and the output colour space which is a reflecting media can’t be avoided 100%. Other factors such as the light situation of the environment are also influencing the vision.