I open my project but it is blank

When a project saves on your computer, it is saved as 2 or 3 different files. If you have called the project ‘wedding’ for example,  then you should see the files shown below, which should all be saved in the same location.




If the project won’t open correctly then the most common cause is because at least one of the above 3 files have been moved and the 2 or 3 files are no longer all stored in the same place. You simply need to search the hard drive (C Drive) for MCF and find where every MCF file called ‘wedding’ is stored. If you find one that has been moved, you can copy and paste it back to the original folder so all 3 files are back in the same place.

To Search the Hard Drive on a Windows computer:

  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Double click on the C drive icon
  3. Click on the file that says USERS
  4. Then in the search tab in the top right type mcf
  5. Look for the folders relating to the missing project, in the example ‘wedding’, and write down where they are all stored
  6. If you can see one of the files in a different place to the others, right click on it, then copy
  7. Then go to where it should be saved with the others, then right click and paste it
  8. All 3 files should now be together
  9. Finally to get the work back, double click on the file named ‘wedding.mcf’ and it will now load