What is Red-Eye-Correction?

Red eye can occur in images if flash was used in a dark environment. The light flashes through the widely opened pupil onto the retina, i.e. the red inner part of the eye.

In the CEWE Photoworld software you can change the red-eye-correction settings under “Options/Photos” as follows:

  • Ask for each photo
  • Always reduce red eye automatically
  • Do not automatically reduce red eye

If the red eye correction is turned on, you can see the effects directly in the editor.

In the CEWE Photo Show you can also use the red eye correction in a more detailed way for individual images. In the menu “Settings for red eye reduction” you can either do a search for all red eye in the entire image or you can select a certain area where the red eye can be found. The latter is recommended if the automatic search doesn’t find the red eye.