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Forest Stewardship Council


FSC® – Forestry Stewardship Council®

Sustainability with quality seal

As our company belongs to an industry that relies heavily on paper, climate and environmental protection are incredibly important to us.

The Forestry Stewardship Council promotes the responsible management of forests around the world, and we’re proud to have attained our FSC certification. This means we only use FSC certified materials to manufacture our products – materials that have been sustainably sourced without harming the world’s forests.

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We rely on environmentally-conserving materials
All the materials used are selected from a sustainable and-term environmental point of view. The same holds true for our paper: we have been FSC®-certified since 2013.

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We operate active climate and environmental protection
As an FSC®-certified service provider, we stand for active climate and environmental protection.
This certificate documents that our product chain from production to further processing, service and logistics is seamless and thus meets the high FSC® standards.

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We promote sustainability and conservation
We actively support the worldwide promotion of exemplary forest management through the use of FSC®-certified materials for the manufacture of our products. 

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We are committed to being carbon neutral
We compensate for the CO₂ emissions of all our products to ensure they are carbon neutral – and at no extra cost to our customers. We work with the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor project to reforest and to protect existing forests in Kenya, covering an area of around 200,000 hectares.

The Forest Stewardship Council AC® (FSC®) has defined and implemented worldwide standards for exemplary forest management since 1996. Companies that carry the FSC® certificate meet the requirements of the FSC® and are regularly inspected.