For Those Extra Special Occasions

Highlights are available on any hardcover CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Next time the occasion calls for a more luxurious book, choose Highlights and make your memories shine.

Cover Highlight Gold


Make the book of your big day even more beautiful.

Highlights Cover


Showcase your holiday highlights in style in a travel book.

silver highlight


Create a special keepsake of treasured family photos.

Highlights London Cover

How highlights work

Adding highlights is an additional processing step in production. For gloss Highlights, the chosen clip art, text or other elements are given a gloss finish, which makes these areas shine and brings out the colours brilliantly.

For gold and silver Highlights, the lacquer is applied as an undercoat and an ultra-thin metal foil is then pressed onto the paper that clings to the lacquer. After the glue has set, excess foil is brushed away, similar to when applying gold or silver leaf.

Highlight Your Best Moments

Add Highlights to the cover of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK to give it that extra special finishing touch. Choose from gold, silver or gloss Highlights, and bring out the beauty of your cover design.

You can add Highlights to clip art, text and other design elements like frames and borders, and they will instantly make your creation look and feel even more like a professional book.

Run your fingers across the cover to feel the beautiful embossing, and see how it catches the light as you move the book. Using Highlights in your cover design will add depth and detail, and is perfect for that one-off book of a special occasion.