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couple hugging after receiving a photobook as a christmas

A Christmas Gift Like No Other

This year, it’s more important than ever to be thankful for the memories we’ve made with the people we love – especially if we can’t celebrate in the way we’re used to.

From a CEWE PHOTOBOOK of your favourite memories together, to a Photo Gift that had been made with them in mind, celebrate those who mean the most to you with a personalised gift and watch as the memories unfold in the palm of their hand.

Read on to be inspired to create a thoughtful gift straight from the heart (whether you are near or apart!).

CEWE Customer Stories: Meet Louise Waldron

Louise has been a CEWE customer since 2012, having created numerous photo products to showcase her own amateur photography. Having taken a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kenya with her nephew, Isaac, Louise wanted to capture every experience, moment and memory from their holiday together. When we heard about their adventures, we knew they belonged in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK!

As a surprise Christmas gift to Isaac, Louise has created her own photo book filled with photos taken by herself and Isaac on camera and mobile phone. Louise joined us to talk through their adventure together and what it means to her to present this extra-special CEWE PHOTOBOOK to Isaac this Christmas.

Discover Louise and Isaac’s Kenya Adventure

Louise chose a XXL Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK to tell the tale of their adventure together and completed it with gold Highlights on the front cover. The large format combined with the luxurious embossed finish has created a beautiful keepsake for Louise – and a thoughtful Christmas gift for Isaac. Plus, our Presentation Box adds another element of surprise and luxury (and is a dream to wrap!).

large portrait A4 photobook ready to be wrapped as a Christmas gift


One thing that we can always rely on is that our photos can transport us back to our most precious memories. What better gift to round off 2020 than a CEWE PHOTOBOOK of photos that will bring them joy?

We have a wide range of premium photo books in a variety of sizes from Small to Square and Large. So, whether you are compiling the every day moments that make them smile or the memories of a lifetime, there is a CEWE PHOTOBOOK that is perfect for your story together.

Give the gift of a wonderful CEWE PHOTOBOOK filled with memories this Christmas.

family photo printed on front of kinder surprise advent calendar

Count Down with a Personalised Advent Calendar

Advent calendars go hand-in-hand with Christmas, just like mulled wine and mince pies. Give this Christmas tradition a meaningful twist and count down to Christmas a little differently this year with your very own Personalised Advent Calendar.

Including the Advent Calendar with kinder® Chocolate and an Advent Calendar with Ferrero Chocolate, there are options to suit anyone and everyone (including a Fill Your Own for the dog!)

From those who will be eagerly anticipating an advent calendar to those who aren’t expecting one, simply select a photo of your choice and give your favourite people a reason to smile in the run up to Christmas.

Inspiration From the Comfort of Your Home

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite blog posts to help kick-start your festive inspiration. From Calendars to Photo Mugs and Personalised Christmas Cards, sit back and get ready to be inspired.

If you’d like to read more, head on over to our blog for creative ideas and handy design tips.

couple head to head in a loving photo printed as a personalised photo advent calendar

Finish 2020 in Style with a Custom Advent Calendar

As we approach the final month of 2020, make the countdown to Christmas extra special with a Personalised Advent Calendar. Whether you choose to create a Advent Calendar with kinder® Chocolate, a Photo Advent Calendar, or a Fill Your Own Advent Calendar, there is an option for everyone. 

Hexxas hexagonal wall art tiles printed with warm and wintery images

Perfect for those who are happy to say goodbye to the hot weather to those who are excited to start the count down to Christmas, it’s time to embrace everything autumnal – starting with the walls of your home and hexxas wall art.

CEWE personalised Christmas card

Your Guide to Creating Perfect Personalised Christmas Cards

With personalised cards more popular than ever, there’s never been a better time to create a special seasonal greeting for your family and friends. Read on as we take you through what inspires us in addition to offering a few helpful tips to bring you closer to your loves ones (even if it is in the post!).


Photo books have the unique ability to capture emotion, revive the past and express love, which is what makes them perfect as a Christmas gift for someone special. Watch below and discover how our photo books are made and just a couple of examples of how they have been used to share love for Christmas.


Follow the journey of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK from start to finish as it moves throughout one of our production labs and into the hands of its happy recipient! See exactly how your photo book will be made and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our production processes.

When Harry Met Izzy

McFly drummer Harry Judd and his wife Izzy have shared a wonderful journey together throughout their relationship, prompting Izzy to document their story in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Created as a gift for Harry and a special way to introduce their two children – Lola and Kit – to their memories together, Izzy reminisces and talks us through this poignant photo book.

A Thank You from the Heart

New parenthood can be a tough course to navigate but brings a wealth of rewards to last a lifetime. When Nadine Wartmann gave birth to twin girls Lia and Tilda, she and husband Tim embarked on a journey that would test them both. Tim began documenting each special moment of the girls’ first few months and created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK to present to Nadine to thank her for her strength and optimism in taking to motherhood.

Fill Their Christmas With Joy

For a present that will stand out amongst all the others under the tree this year, a personalised photo gift is your simple solution. Here are three ways you can bring a smile to their face this Christmas with a gift they’ll treasure forever.

Photo Book Inspiration

What kind of CEWE PHOTOBOOK will you create? Now’s the perfect time to reminisce on past adventures, whether that’s a special trip you took last year or fun family moments you’ve shared together throughout 2020. Perhaps you’re looking ahead to next year? Create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK with True Matte paper and turn your creation into your own personalised scrapbook for the year ahead!