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pdf to book cewe photo book

Create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK with Adobe® InDesign®

Now you can create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK using Adobe® InDesign®. Enjoy full freedom to design and create, using our template generator as a guide.

All paper variants

All CEWE PHOTOBOOK formats (except mini)

For Macintosh and Windows

Compatible with InDesign® CS4

Download our User Guide with lots of useful information to get you started.

pdf to photo book

1.) Download the CEWE PHOTOBOOK Template Generator for Adobe® InDesign® now

Our CEWE PHOTOBOOK Template Generator is free to download and easy to use.

PDF to Book

2.) Open the CEWE Template Generator

Open the CEWE Template Generator and select your preferred CEWE PHOTOBOOK options, such as size, format and paper types before you get started.

CEWE Photoworld PDF to Book

3.) Enjoy The Freedom To Design

Use the CEWE Template Generator and Adobe® InDesign® together to ensure your finished CEWE PHOTOBOOK will be true to your design.

PDF to Book Download

4.) Create A PDF

Easily export all of your finished designs, including the cover and inside pages. For optimal results, use the export PDF specifications detailed in our user guide.

PDF to Book

5.) Upload Your PDF

Upload your  PDF files to the Online Photo Book Builder on the CEWE Photoworld website. Your work will conveniently be converted, ready to print.