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Your Photo Book, Your Way

With your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, you choose your cover type, paper type and finishing touches to create a completely unique and personalised finish.

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Explore Our Paper Types

A beautiful book starts with the right paper. Choose from six types of paper for your photo book – each of which has been carefully selected for its quality. Whatever story you have to tell and whichever kind of book you want to create, make it beautiful – right down to the paper type.

View our paper types below, or request a swatch kit.

Classic Paper

Classic Paper

(Previously known as Standard Paper)

Classic by name and classic by nature, this paper type is perfect for all types of book and any occasion.

We wanted to make sure that choosing our entry level paper never meant compromising on quality. So, if you don’t want to upgrade to one of our other signature papers, you can feel confident that your book will still look fantastic, and that Classic Paper will do your photographs justice.

High Gloss Paper

High-gloss Paper

(Previously known as Glossy Paper)

Bring out those bright colours with our High Gloss Paper. Many people prefer their photographs to be glossy, and this paper is the perfect choice if you want to give your photo book that high gloss sheen.

During manufacturing, each page is given a rich, high gloss coating, which will add brightness to your colourful photos – perfect for those sunny holiday snaps. The gloss finish will also keep your photos looking pristine, whilst protecting against dirt and moisture too.

True Matte Paper

True Matte Paper

Give your photo book a smooth, shine-free finish with True Matte Paper. We call it True Matte because it’s the most matte paper you can get, with a truly beautiful finish that really brings out the detail of your photographs.

If you prefer matte to glossy, then this paper is made for you! Perfect for professional portfolios or black and white photography, the detail of your images will really stand out on True Matte.

Classic Photographic Layflat

Classic Photographic Paper

(Previously known as Premium Photographic Paper)

One of the best things about our Classic Photographic Paper is that it comes with a Layflat binding. This means that there’s no gap or gutter between pages, letting you create seamless double page spreads of your panoramic photos and lovely landscape shots.

The heavier weight and photographic feel of this paper makes it perfect for a professional portfolio or that extra special one-off photo book.

Gloss Photographic Layflat

Gloss Photographic Paper

(Previously known as Glossy Photographic Paper)

Like its Classic partner, our Gloss Photographic Paper is Layflat, so your landscape pictures and panoramas will look stunning and seamless when laid across a double page spread. This paper has a heavier weight too, making it extra durable for that book you want to treasure for a lifetime.

If you prefer your photographs to have a glossy look, the high-gloss finish of this paper will be perfect. Bring out those bright colours in your travel snaps or shots of the great outdoors!

Matte Photographic Layflat

Matte Photographic Paper

With a smooth matte finish, and a Layflat binding so you can show off your images across a double page spread, Matte Photographic Paper combines the beautiful feel of matte with the wow factor of our Layflat books.

Create impact with impressive panoramas and double page spreads for a book that really stands out. The sixth addition to our brilliant range of papers, Matte Photographic could well be your new favourite.


Complete the look of your masterpiece with one of our impressive photo book covers. Each cover has been specifically designed to give your extra special photo book the perfect finishing touch. We have five options for you to choose from, including hardback, softcover or linen, so you have the flexibility to choose the one that suits you the most.

Hard Cover


Our most popular cover option, a hardcover will make your creation feel just like a real book. We recommend choosing one high quality photo to wrap across both the front and back to give your hardcover photo book a real wow factor – how about a beautiful landscape shot to complete your holiday album?

Soft Cover


Softcover photo books have a similar cover to a children’s book – lightweight and flexible but thick enough to withstand wear and tear. Create your own cover design using pictures, text and clip art, then add your book title to the spine so you can always spot it on the bookshelf.

Booklet Cover

Booklet Cover

Printed on the same paper as the pages of your book and bound with staples, a booklet cover is lightweight and a little like a magazine cover. You can add your own combination of images and text to both the front and back, allowing your photo book to look simply amazing.

Faux Leather Cover

Faux Leather Cover

Love the idea of a leather bound photo book? Perfect for portfolios or a classic album of family photographs, our faux leather cover is smart and stylish. Create a book you’ll treasure for a lifetime; a keepsake the whole family will love with the traditional style of a vintage photo album.

Linen Cover

Linen Cover

Give that extra special photo book an extra special finish with an impressive linen cover. An elegant choice for a wedding or christening memento, our beautiful linen cover photo book is available in silver or copper to create the perfect keepsake.

For Those Extra Special Occasions…

Highlights are available on any hardcover CEWE PHOTOBOOK, so the next time the occasion calls for a more luxurious book, choose Highlights for that extra layer of detail and decadence.

You can add Highlights to clip art, text and other design elements like frames and borders, and they will instantly make your creation look and feel like a professional book. Ideal for wedding albums, showing off your honeymoon or creating a photobook of a special holiday or event.

Gold Highlights


Complete your CEWE PHOTOBOOK with a hint of luxury with our Gold Highlights – the perfect finishing touch to a special creation.

Silver Highlights


Sleek, yet glamourous and sophisticated, our Silver Highlights complement virtually any colour scheme.

Highlights London Cover


Gloss Highlights are transparent and can be applied over any colour that you’ve chosen, making your text shine.

Presentation Box

Present It with Pride

We all know that photo books are a beautiful way to create a personal, thoughtful gift, so make sure your presentational skills match your masterpiece.

Have you created your photo book as a gift? Or just want to preserve your memories to the highest standard? Then pop the finished piece in a Presentational Box for that ‘wow!’ moment as you open it – every time.