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XXL Landscape Photo Book

from £53.99

  • 38 x 29 cm
  • Up to 154 pages
  • Professionally printed and bound

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Delivery charge: £6.25

Product Details

If you have lots of lovely landscapes or pretty panoramic photos you want to show off, the XXL Landscape photo book is the one for you. At 38 x 29cm, it’s our biggest book, making it perfect for showing the finer details of your favourite photos.

Choose Classic Photographic paper, Gloss Photographic paper or Matte Photographic paper and your book will be lay flat too, which means you can create stunning double page spreads of those extra impressive photos.

With 26 pages as standard, you can add extra pages in increments of 4 up to a total of 154 pages. With this stunning photo book you’ll have all the space you need to capture your snaps from that once in a lifetime holiday or share memories of your wedding day. However many photos you have, the XXL Landscape book is big enough to tell the story of any special occasion.

Paper Types

XXL Landscape Photo Books are available with the following paper options:

  • Classic Paper


    Digitally Printed

    Semi-Matte Finish

    FSC Approved

    from £53.99

  • High Gloss Paper

    High Gloss

    Digitally Printed

    High Gloss Finish

    FSC Approved

    from £59.99

  • True Matte Paper

    True Matte

    Digitally Printed

    True Matte Finish

    FSC Approved


    from £69.99

  • Classic Photographic Paper Lay Flat

    Classic Photographic


    Silver Halide Process

    Lustre Finish

    FSC Approved

    from £79.99

  • Gloss Photographic Paper Lay Flat

    Gloss Photographic


    Silver Halide Process

    High Gloss Finish

    FSC Approved

    from £94.99

  • Matte Photographic Paper Lay Flat

    Matte Photographic


    Matte Finish

    FSC Approved

    from £94.99

Cover Types

XXL Landscape Photo Books are available with the following cover options:

  • Hardcover




    from £53.99

  • Linen Cover

    Linen Cover

    Needs specification

    from £89.99

  • Faux Leather Cover

    Faux Leather Cover

    Needs specification

    from £74.99


XXL Landscape Photo Books are available with the following addons:

  • Presentation Box

    Presentation Box

    from £8.99

  • Additional 4 Pages

    Additional 4 Pages

    from £1.70

  • Highlights


    from £4.99


Choose from the following options to create your XXL Landscape Photo Books.

Classic PaperHardcover£53.99
Faux Leather Cover£74.99
Linen Cover£89.99
High Gloss PaperHardcover£59.99
True Matte PaperHardcover£69.99
Classic Photographic PaperHardcover£79.99
Gloss Photographic PaperHardcover£94.99
Matte Photographic PaperHardcover£94.99
Adding Text?

Adding Text? Try Matte Paper

For storytellers and journal keepers, your words are every bit as important as your photographs. That’s why when you create your photo book with the CEWE, we put a huge range of typography options at your fingertips. Get creative with font choices, colours, orientation and more, so you can present your words your own way. 

For photo books with lots of text, try our True Matte Paper. Its smooth, matte finish will ensure your words are easy to read, with no reflections or glare. Alternatively, why not upgrade to our Matte Photographic Paper? It has all the same benefits, but also features our specialist Layflat binding. With its seamless double page spreads, you can rest assured that not a single word will be lost in the gutter between the pages.

Ready to create something special? Download our software to get started.

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