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Photo Yearbooks

Your first year of marriage. Baby’s first 12 months. A year spent travelling. You can make photo yearbooks for any occasion. A lot of memories can be made in a year. You can make your own yearbooks for any occasion. Tell the story of those memorable months in the pages of a beautiful photo yearbook.

From everyday moments to extra special occasions, capture a whole year’s worth of memories in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

What better way to share your favourite photos and best moments from the past year than with a personalised photo book?

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Capture Your Year in a Photo Yearbook

Every year is different, and so is every photo book. Our photo books are completely customisable, so you can hand-pick each element to create your perfect photo yearbook. Here are three ways to make your yearbook even more special.

Add Pages

Add extra pages

365 days of photos is a lot of photos, so it’s handy that you can add extra pages to your photo yearbook. Small photo books can have up to 98 pages, whilst Large books can have as many as 154. That’s plenty of room to record the past 12 months.

Make a bigger book

Make more than one

Once you’ve made your photo yearbook, you can easily order extra copies or copies in different formats. Why not make your own yearbook in Pocket versions to hand out to friends and family, or make a yearbook for the little ones using wipe-clean Glossy paper.

Add a video

Include a video

Looking for unique yearbook design ideas? Add your video highlights to your photo book by uploading your video to the software, where a QR code will be generated. When your book arrives, scan this code with your smartphone to relive the best bits of your year.


Choose How to Make Your Book

With our software you can make your own yearbook online easily. Packed with layouts, backgrounds and clip art, it has everything you’ll need to make a great looking book – all you need to do is add your pictures!

Prefer to whip up your book on your phone or tablet? Download our free mobile app to make photo books on the go.

Your Year, Your Photo Yearbook

There are lots of reasons why a year can be memorable, but whatever the reason, making a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the best way to treasure these memories forever.

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Help the kids remember their school days with a personalised yearbook. Combine photos of their friends with copies of report cards and examples of their work to create a lasting record of these carefree days.

baby photo


From the first smile to the first step and everything in between, a baby’s first year is packed with memorable moments. Capture every one on camera and use your baby photos to create a beautiful yearbook.

family christmas photo


Remember all the special occasions and important events you shared as a family by making a family yearbook. Organise it by month or occasion, or give each family member their own section to show off their highlights.



After a year spent travelling, make a photo yearbook from that phone and camera full of pictures. Show off photos of your adventure alongside journal entries, postcards and other mementos like plane tickets.

Photo Yearbooks

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Photo Yearbooks

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You can create your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK in just 5 simple steps…

Creating your first holiday photo album is easy. Simply follow the steps below to create a professional looking, personalised holiday photo album.

Download Software

1. Download software

Download our free, award-winning photo book Creator Software.

Upload Images

2. Upload your photos

Upload photos from your computer, Facebook or Instagram account.

Choose Size & Style

3. Choose a size & style

View our complete range of photo books and select the perfect size.

Design & Customise

4. Design & customise

Customise each element to add a personal touch to your photo book.

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5. We’ll take it from here

We print your photo book and deliver it straight to your door.



Remember your big day long after the last bit of confetti has been thrown by making a wedding album that you’ll always treasure.

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Capture the excitement and adventure of that once in a lifetime trip with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

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Babies grow up before you know it, but a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect way to remember this special time forever.

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Whether you’re creating your first holiday photo album or you’ve created them before, it couldn’t be easier with CEWE PHOTOWORLD.

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Cook Book

Take your favourite recipes, add a dash of your top tips, and mix with a generous helping of tasty images and make your own cookbook.

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Turn your pictures into a beautiful Christmas photo book, and enjoy your favourite Christmas memories photo album all year round.

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