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The Starlings :For Special Moments & Milestones

Whilst pregnant with her second child, Jo Starling sat down to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for her daughter Chloe. And so began a pastime that she enjoys to this day. From everyday family fun to extraordinary memories - like a once in a lifetime holiday to New Zealand - Jo records each special moment of family life in a unique collection of books.

These books are designed as keepsakes for her children to treasure forever. “When they're 18 they can look back at their CEWE PHOTOBOOK and remember all of these fantastic moments – they’ll probably be really glad that they have records of all these photos, as much as it's really annoying for them when I always have my camera out, I know they'll really appreciate it as time goes on.”

Chloe looking at CEWE Photobook

For Jo, creating a photo book is the perfect solution to the problem of photographs left hidden away on cameras or computers.

“My photos will always be backed up on computer but I wouldn’t scroll through and look at them that way,” explains Jo. “Selecting the best images from hundreds stored each year and creating a beautiful CEWE PHOTOBOOK makes it a pleasure to go back and look at the pictures – and for other people to look at them too without dozing off!”

Jo designs a book each year following the children’s birthdays, and works on the book alone. “It’s a pleasure I reserve for myself alone, and I really enjoy the process as much as receiving the final finished book.” It’s now become an annual tradition that husband Alex will receive the book as his Christmas present - and what better gift to find beneath the Christmas tree than a personalised CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

Books Filled with Family Fun

Creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK each year has helped Jo to document the special moments and milestones of Chloe and Jack’s childhood. Here she shares the reasons behind why she began making her books, and the joy she feels when looking through her finished project.

Showcase your own special pictures from that unforgettable holiday in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

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The Starlings

Marketing Consultant Jo lives with husband Alex and children Chloe, four, and Jack, two, whose childhood adventures have been the inspiration for her photo book collection.
  • Jo Starling

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    Jo first created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK following her marriage to husband Alex, preferring to design her own wedding album rather than buying an old fashioned album from their photographer.

    Jo’s Hobbies:

    Jo has a love of interiors, creativity and organising, breathing new life into furniture and mixing the old with the new at home. Aside from her family, photography is her greatest passion:

    “I’ve always loved being behind a camera, but since having the children, they’ve become the focus of my images - landscapes and urban backdrops become even more beautiful and interesting when the two of them are exploring in the foreground.”

  • Chloe Starling

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    Chloe is a milk monster. She likes collecting shells, fossils, gems and jewels, playing with dollies and loves her next door neighbours.

  • Jack Starling

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    Jack loves super heroes, all things blue, rugby, football and sweeties. He's happiest outside, exploring in his wellies.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Located in leafy Surrey, the Starling’s home is full of beautiful mementoes, family photographs and children’s toys. The perfect place to raise two young children.
Happy family moments

The children’s smiling faces can be found throughout the house.

Photo opportunity arises

Playing together in the garden is one of the family’s favourite hobbies.

It is a joy

Chloe and Jack love looking through their collection of photo books with Mum.

A small souvenir

“Chloe and Jack are both very very cheeky, and the photos that I like the best are the really natural ones.”

Map of the world

Whether at home or out and about, Jo always keeps her camera close by to capture every special moment with the children.

"When I look through my CEWE PHOTOBOOK I always just feel such joy"

Meet the Starling Family

With a fun-filled year of photographs to sort through, Jo was spoilt for choice when selecting images for her latest CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Her beautiful book perfectly captures the carefree fun of childhood, with every page full of colour and happiness.

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Jo’s Tips & Tricks

Jo’s become quite the expert at designing photo books, so we asked her to share some of her top tips to help you bring your own photographs to life in a beautiful book.
“Save your chosen pictures to a desktop folder, to review and edit before upload. Then upload in one go using the Assistant tool in the Creator Software.”
“Don’t be afraid of using whole pages for your favourite images.”

"It's the little tiny moments, the emotional moments that I might otherwise forget that I like to give prominence to in each book."