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Transform your favourite spaces with your very own piece of personalised Wall Art. We’re Europe’s leading photo printing company, and our success is built on our passion for excellent printing. We’ve brought years of experience and innovation to create our popular range of wall art prints, to help you get the most out of the photographs you love.

  • UK manufacturer
  • Hanging fittings included
  • Advanced 12-colour printing process provides a UV resistant, HD finish

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Choose The Wall Art That’s Right For You

Our photo wall art collection features a diverse range of types and materials to choose from. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home, or you’re in need of updating your workspace with professional branding, we can help you create bespoke photo wall art to suit every environment. From the traditional to the modern, our wall art suits a variety of styles and tastes, all beautifully printed with expertise and unrivalled quality.

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We’re a UK manufacturer, and a proud part of Europe’s number one photo company.

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We want you to love your wall art. If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll help you out, no matter what.

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Compare Our Wall Art Range

Need help choosing your perfect wall art? Use our comparison table to quickly see the different features of our formats.

Canvas PrintsFramed PrintsPhoto PostersAluminium PrintsAcrylic PrintsFoam Board PrintsGallery PrintsWood Photo Panels
Thickness20 – 40 mm20 – 30 mm1 mm3 mm4 – 10 mm5 mm7 mm40 mm
MaterialPoly-cotton fabric mounted on wooden framePremium photo paper mounted on wooden frame with acrylic / glassChoice of premium photo paperAluminum dibondAcrylic glassRigid foam boardAcrylic, reverse sealed with aluminium dibondPhoto printed on pine
StyleReflection free, warmShowcase and protect your printClassic, versatileReflection-free matt image, durableDepth effect, light resistanceLightweight, durableProfessional, 3D depth effectRustic, wood grain

Hanging and Mounting

Select the perfect mount for your wall art.

Sawtooth Hanger

Sawtooth Hanger

Display made easy: the practical sawtooth hanger on the back makes hanging up your CEWE WALL ART fast and easy.

There is a suitable hanger for each image format, which can be fastened on the back to both the short and long edge of the image.

Immediately after delivery, you can proudly display your photo, professionally mounted on wood and in your choice or portrait or landscape format.

Wall Brackets

Wall Brackets

The self-adhering wall brackets are discreetly glued on to the back side at the factory. The distance from the wall is offset by spacers on the lower back side of the picture. This gives the impression that the picture floats about 10 mm in front of the wall – a great effect that makes an exciting and interesting impact.

Note: Wall brackets are used for smaller sizes (shorter side up to 30 cm), 2 piece set, available for the aluminium prints, gallery prints, and foam board prints.

Aluminium Rail

Aluminium Rail

This subtle Aluminium Rail rear mounted wall hanger is particularly common in exhibitions and galleries. The rail is mounted to the back side of your picture with a distance from the wall of about 10 mm. The effect is that the picture seems to float in front of the wall and the image remains unaffected.

Note: Aluminium Rail system is mounted at the factory on the reverse side and runs around all 4 sides. Available for Aluminium Prints, Gallery Prints and Foam Board Prints. It is not available on Acrylic Prints.

Chrome Stand Offs

Chrome Stand-Offs (no drill holes)

Our Chrome Stand-Offs give you the freedom to choose the mounting points for your wall art piece. There are no drill holes into your product so the image is unaffected and can deliver the full effect. To affix, mark the position of the 4 stand-offs and drill compatible holes in your wall. Screws are affixed from the front to the screw heads remain visible (wall plugs and screws supplied). Finally, fasten the head of the stand-off into mounted anchor.

Note: Wall art piece will sit 20mm away from the wall. Available for Aluminium, Acrylic, Gallery and Foam Board Prints.

Chrome Posts (with drill holes)

Chrome Posts (with drill holes)

With our Chrome Posts, we drill the holes for the posts in each of the four corners of your chosen wall art piece at the factory. All you need to do is mark the position of the posts and drill compatible holes in your wall. Screws are affixed from the front so the screw heads remain visible (screw & wall plugs supplied). To finish, simply fasten the head of the post into mounted anchor.

Note: Wall art piece will sit 20 mm away from the wall. Available for Aluminium Prints, Acrylic Prints, Gallery Prints and Foam Board Prints.

Beautiful Wall Art

Create An Inspiring Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to showcase the many beautiful facets of your life all in one place. Combine your passions, your favourite memories and inspiring artwork to put together a display that’s unique to you.

By ordering your custom wall art from CEWE, you can play with the mix-and-match elements of your personal gallery by ordering your artwork in a variety of sizes, finishes and types. Different colours of frame can look very striking, and experiment with texture by combining soft canvas and smooth aluminium. Tie all of your imagery together by working to a consistent theme or colour scheme, and align your artwork by keeping your vertical spacing consistent, and you’ll be left with a stunning gallery of your very own.

Download CEWE Design Software and enjoy full creative control over every image, and rest assured that your work will be beautifully realised in impeccable quality. Your best images deserve nothing less.

Our Expert Craftsmanship

When it comes to creating our Wall Art, we always go the extra mile to guarantee that the end result is the very best. Whichever type you choose, all of our products are printed by a specially trained, qualified team, using the highest quality materials. Our in-house experts will then perform a final check, to ensure that every inch of your Wall Art meets our high quality standards.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how CEWE Wall Art is created, be sure to watch our behind the scenes video. You’ll really be able to see the level of attention to detail we put into every single order we create, so we can feel confident that you’ll love your wall art once it arrives. If you have any more questions in regards to how CEWE Wall Art is made, our knowledgeable Customer Support Team are always happy to provide further information.

CEWE Creator Software

Create Your Wall Art With The CEWE Design Software

You can create your wall art online, or download our CEWE Design Software to enjoy a full range of advanced photo editing tools at your disposal. It’s a dedicated state-of-the-art editing suite that allows you complete creative control, with a whole host of design capabilities just a few clicks away.

There are hundreds of layouts to choose from, including exciting collage options. Why not create a stunning display of your summer holiday snaps, or a sweet collection showing your child growing up through the years? There are frames, Clipart, and text choices to experiment with too, so you can design and create your custom wall art without limits.

Don’t worry if you struggle with computers. Our intuitive software is designed to be simple to use, and is appropriate for all levels of design experience. If you have any difficulty, our excellent Customer Support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to share their expert advice.