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Gallery Prints

from £39.99

  • UV printed for maximum colour brightness
  • Added strength with aluminium backing
  • Huge range of sizes available

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Product Details

The Gallery Print from Photoworld is a beautiful way to print your precious photos to display in your home. Our high quality photo printing process includes UV printing directly onto acrylic glass which is then strengthened with aluminium di-bond. This means the brilliance and depth of your photos are secured with the gloss of the acrylic and strength of the aluminium.

The Gallery Print is highly customisable – choose the appropriate format for your photo in either a classic photo aspect ratio or an unusual panoramic format. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even combine the two, so experiment and get your perfect layout. There are many different options when choosing to affix this wall art to your wall, including: a rail system as used in galleries; polished metal brackets for smaller sizes; or even a screw system with visible corner screws for a modern look.


PrintUV printing, directly onto acrylic glass
Material4 mm thick acrylic glass, with 3 mm thick aluminium dibond backing
FittingsHanging fittings included


Choose from the following options to create your Gallery Prints.

20 x 80 cm£84.99
20 x 120 cm£119.99
30 x 60 cm£92.99
30 x 140 cm£184.99
40 x 80 cm£149.99
50 x 100 cm£214.99
60 x 120 cm£284.99
70 x 140 cm£357.99
75 x 100 cm£292.99
105 x 140 cm£462.99
20 x 30 cm£39.99
60 x 90 cm£224.99
60 x 80 cm£209.99
80 x 120 cm£349.99
90 x 120 cm£379.99
70 x 70 cm£212.99
80 x 80 cm£259.99
90 x 90 cm£312.99
100 x 100 cm£364.99
30 x 90 cm£129.99
40 x 120 cm£209.99
50 x 150 cm£292.99
50 x 70 cm£162.99
70 x 100 cm£279.99
80 x 100 cm£309.99
100 x 150 cm£469.99
50 x 75 cm£169.99
20 x 60 cm£79.99
30 x 30 cm£49.99
30 x 40 cm£64.99
30 x 45 cm£69.99
40 x 40 cm£84.99
40 x 50 cm£99.99
40 x 60 cm£119.99
45 x 60 cm£129.99
50 x 50 cm£119.99
50 x 60 cm£139.99
60 x 60 cm£164.99

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love our products, or your money back.

We want you to really love your personalised CEWE photo product, which is why we carefully check each item to make sure it’s just right. If for any reason you aren’t completely happy with your order, simply get in touch within 14 days and we’ll provide either a replacement or a full refund. Just another great reason to print your memories with us!

* Excludes prints, photo enlargements, posters, stickers and products within our gift range. Not applicable on CEWE PHOTOBOOK orders of over five copies.

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