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Self Adhesive Posters

from £8.99

  • Satin paper finish
  • Sizes up to 80 x 120 cm
  • Low tack adhesive

Estimated delivery by: Wed 27th Feb

Delivery charge: £2.75

Product Details

Our durable and flexible satin finish self-adhesive posters can be placed and moved time and time again. They’re low tack and residue free, perfect for use in rented homes or over your beautiful wallpaper.

Printed on 252g/m² and available in a range of sizes, our self-adhesive posters are a perfect way of putting your favourite photo on the wall.

Applying your poster to the wall couldn’t be easier. Simply peel the poster from its paper backing and stick your photo to the wall, it really is that easy!


MaterialPremium Photo Paper (252g/m²) in Semi Gloss


Choose from the following options to create your Self Adhesive Posters.

60 x 80 cm£32.99
80 x 120 cm£56.99
70 x 100 cm£45.99
60 x 90 cm£34.99
50 x 75 cm£26.99
50 x 70 cm£25.99
50 x 50 cm£20.99
40 x 120 cm£33.99
40 x 60 cm£20.99
40 x 50 cm£19.99
40 x 40 cm£17.99
30 x 90 cm£20.99
30 x 45 cm£16.49
30 x 30 cm£13.99
20 x 60 cm£17.99
20 x 30 cm£8.99
30 x 40 cm£14.99
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